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Monday September 12th

Early Bird Fee (until Sept 4)
Cost: $89 +gst 

After Sept 4
Cost: $109 + gst 


Get a grasp on your nutrition and eating habits.
This seminar introduces individuals to phase one eating; where we will teach you how to fuel your body for loss loss, balanced hormones, boosted metabolism, and physique transformation success!

Metabolic Typing Nutrition Advisor and Kinesiologist, Chad Brandt, will teach you about how much food you should be eating for your body type, training regime, and metabolic rate.

You will leave this seminar with: block/macro food bank sheets, training day meal plan, rest day meal plan, and the knowledge to help you build additional meal plans and guide your healthy lifestyle moving forward! 


What people are saying about this seminar:

"I was becoming overwhelmed with counting macros and would constantly 'give up'. Chad has developed a great system that helps me enjoy the variety I like, eating an appropriate amount of food for my body type, and keeping no food off limits. This plan is easy to follow!"

"I'm already down 10lbs since starting with the Nutrition 101 guidelines!"

"Chad presents the information in a way that makes it easy to start IMMEDIATELY! I could go home and make my meals with foods that Ialready had inmy house."

"No longer am I making one meal for my kids and something different for myself. This is too easy!"